Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The language of the trolls!! | Astha Bahuguna

Have you ever wondered the funny little things, the one-liners, and the sarcastic pictures flowing through your Facebook pages, Twitter handles, WhatsApp groups, Instagram and other modes of social media that you may use? What do they do in the social space? What do they convey and communicate and why is it that they may appear offensive but still manages to make one laugh?
There are various complicated answers to these questions and it is fascinating to see these things swimming across are social spaces but who is doing this and why? Who is making jokes out of serious matters- matters as crucial as politics and caste and religion? We do not know- all we do is to share and smile and laugh. But these trolls do serious things- they occupy the mind space as long as the can for they are not some plain boring stuff. They contain humor and sarcasm and transfers offensive statements as jokes. They may be authentic or not but no one cares to do a validity check on them for they are jokes meant to be shared and laughed at.
These are unstable symbols and signs which may be counter effective at times- for if Modi was in 2014 a character in most of the jokes BJP still manages to take over 325 seats in UP this time. So what these trolls manages to do is to occupy a presence, a status of being known and popular for there is a Hindi saying “बदनाम होंगे तो क्या नाम होगा?” and this is exactly what the purpose of these trolls are. They clutter in the mind of the people and hold an important recall value which we know has bear such fruitful results this time.

For there is no particular answer to these questions things still remains unclear and ambiguous but all we can do is to wonder that what will the trolls and jokes about Yogi do in 2019 and 2022 and the years after?

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